Eight Verses

Eight Verses for Training the Mind

By Langri Thangpa (1054-1123)


Wishing to attain enlightenment
for the sake of all sentient beings
who excel even a Wish-fulfilling Jewel,
may I constantly cherish them all.


Whenever I am with others,
may I consider myself the least important,
and, from the depth of my heart,
cherish them all and hold them supreme.


In all activities, may I examine my mind,
and as soon as an conflicting emotions arise,
endangering myself and others,
may I firmly face and avert them.


Whenever I see an evil being,
overwhelmed by intense negativity and suffering,
may I cherish him as something rare,
as if I’d chanced upon some priceless treasure.


When others, out of envy,
mistreat me with slander and abuse,
may I take defeat upon myself
and offer the triumph to them.


When someone whom I’ve helped
with much hope and expectation
hurts me, deeply and unjustifiably,
may I regard him as my sublime master.


In short, may I, directly and indirectly,
offer happiness and peace to all my mothers;
all their evil and suffering
may I secretly take upon myself.


In all this, may my mind be unstained
by the eight ordinary concerns and
know all things to be illusion: free of clinging,
may I release all beings from bondage.

The above verses may be repeated and contemplated daily,  with a new verse for each day of the week, and the “everyday” verse repeated after the verse for the day.

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