“At all times, again and again, we should make vast prayers for the sake of all beings.
When falling asleep, we should think, “May all beings achieve the absolute state”;
when waking up, “May all beings obtain the body of the Buddha”;
when putting on clothes, “May all beings have modesty and a sense of shame”;
when lighting a fire, “May all beings burn the wood of disturbing emotions”;
when eating, “May all beings eat the food of concentration”;
when opening a door, “May all beings open the door to the city of liberation”;
when  going outside, “May I set out on the path to free all beings”;
when walking uphill, “May I go to free beings from the lower realms”;
when seeing happiness, “May all beings achieve the happiness of Buddhahood”
when seeing suffering, “May the suffering of all beings be pacified.”

—Khyentse Rinpoche

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