A poem written by Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche while in Switzerland:

For my students who need a short practice
This was written inSwitzerland,
A joyful place
Where spontaneous thrusts of rocks
Have created a natural and exalted throne;
Where snow mountains embellish the land
Like a magnificent garland.
Here all beings move about
Merrily and free.

The surging falls resound, “Lhang lhang!”
A canopy of clouds stores its treasure of water.
Everywhere blooms a colorful array of flowers,
And everywhere winged creatures sing and dance.
Truly this land is so filled with pleasures
It would be a worthy realm of gods.

I have no wings, but I still fly in the sky.
I have no magical power, yet like magic
I journey in illusory display,
Here and there, back and forth, in nine directions
Exploring the contents of my karma.

Chagdud Tulku

Written as a colophon for a Vajrasattva practice he gave to students who attended the teachings in Murren, Switzerland, July 1987.

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