Lama Sherab Drolma

Shamatha Retreat

Training in Calm Abiding

Lama  Sherab Drolma
Rigdzin Ling   Junction City, CA

Saturday, August 20th to Saturday morning, August 27th

This training is done in three parts: body shamatha, speech shamatha, and mind shamatha. Lama Sherab will offer the body shamatha this time, and has been requested to return to Rigdzin Ling to offer the speech and mind trainings in the future. The retreat will include three formal sessions, and at night introductory teachings will be given by Lama Sherab and the other Chagdud lamas.

This teaching on developing shamatha, or ‘calm-abiding’, is called ‘extraordinary shamatha’ because it leads us to not only pacifying our emotions, but to the discovery of our own inner-most nature in all its spacious clarity. A mind teaching of Guru Padmasambhava, it was discovered by the great treasure-revealer, Drimé Khachö Wangpo, and has been closely held by the meditation masters of Tromgé Gonpa, the heart-monastery of Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche. There Rinpoche met his gurus, the great Tulku Arik and Tromgé Trungpa Rinpoche, and under their guidance entered into the dharma-cycle of this profound practice. He passed the lineage to Jigme Tromge Rinpoche and Lama Padma Gyatso, and Jigme Rinpoche passed it to Lama Sherab, who has made it the basis of transformative retreat practice, for herself and others.

This special sequence of shamatha trains the mind in one-pointed concentration on an object, on the breath, and on visualization. The afflictive emotions resolve into a natural state of calm and from the pure motivation that is the foundation of the meditation, the manifestations of immeasurable compassion arise.

Lama Sherab lives at Khadro Ling, Chagdud  Gonpa’s main center in Brazil, and teaches in South America, in Italy, and in the United States. She speaks fluent English, charmingly accented.

It is highly recommended that you receive teachings and meditate on the Four Thoughts that Change the Mind before attending this retreat. You may reference these teachings in the Ngondro Commentary or Gates to Buddhist Practice, and all Chagdud Gonpa lamas may be requested for instruction.

Fees for the full event include lodging and meals.

Single private room- $799
Dbl private- $699
Dorm- $649
Camping- $549

Financial aid is available.

Partial attendance is not possible for this retreat—participants must have commitment to the full retreat and to all sessions each day.
For more information, please email or call Timothy at (530) 623-2714 ext. 126

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