Stupa Restoration Project

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Whoever sees a stupa, or hears the wind blowing around it, or touches it, or remembers it establishes interdependence with enlightened mind.  It is a sacred presence that radiates peace, harmony and healing throughout the world.  Those who help to create a stupa plant the seed of their own enlightenment. 

                                                                                    H.E. Chagdud Rinpoche


Chagdud Gonpa/Rigdzin Ling
Stupa Restoration and Spiritual Park Project
Announces a Matching Fund 

August 2011

Join us!  Contribute to our matching fund.  Join us in meeting our goal to raise $7,000 for the Stupa Restoration and Spiritual Park Project.  When we’ve met this challenge the Project will have a grand total of $14,000.   To watch a slide show of photos of our recent work on the Project and to learn more see

How to offer. To make a donation using a credit card, please call Rigdzin Ling at 530-623-2714.  If you prefer to make your offering by check, please make the check out to ‘Chagdud Gonpa Foundation’ and mail it to P.O. Box 279, Junction City, CA 96048.   Attached is a Donation Form for you to print and mail with your check, if you wish.  Please indicate ‘Stupas and Spiritual Park’ on your check or when you make your credit card donation.

Join us! Participate as a volunteer and/or support a volunteer in the Stupa Restoration and Spiritual Park Project at Rigdzin Ling.  Join us from September  2 to October 2 for Arts Month at Rigdzin Ling and at any other time.  Join us in re-painting the stupas, making clay tsatsas for the Tsatsa House, putting up new prayer flags, carving new roof ornaments for the Prayer Wheel and Tsatsa Houses.  Join us by supporting a volunteer.  To join us and reserve a place at Rigdzin Ling please call 530-623-2714 extension 126, or e-mail Timothy at   For questions or comments concerning the Project and if you would like to participate please contact Prema, project coordinator, at 530-623-4479 or


Chagdud Gonpa Rigdzin Ling
Stupa Restoration and Spiritual Park Project
Matching Fund Donation Form


 Due to the great generosity of a sangha member, we have been promised $7,000 when we meet the challenge to raise $7,000.  This means that the project will then have a total of $14,000.  This is a fabulous opportunity to make your donation twice as effective.

 I wish to make a donation in the amount of  $________.

Please make your check out to:  Chagdud Gonpa Foundation and indicate ‘stupas and spiritual park’ on your check.  Mail your check to: Chagdud Gonpa Foundation, Rigdzin Ling,P.O. Box 279, Junction City, CA 96048.


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May all beings benefit!



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