Ngondro Practice Retreat

Ngondro Practice Retreat
Lama Norbu

Saturday, January 14—21

Lama Norbu will lead a Ngondro Practice Retreat on the isolated upper part of Rigdzin Ling. This is specifically for practitioners who have had teachings on the Vajrayana preliminary practices, and wish to engage in diligent retreat practice. Lama Norbu will structure the retreat sessions, and will offer individual guidance and some group instruction. Ordained by Chagdud Rinpoche in 1997, Lama Norbu has combined nonstop activity with extensive retreat practice, including many Dzogchen trainings with Rinpoche and solitary retreat in Brazil. He is a lama who gives deeply insightful advice in private interviews.

Retreat Fee $250, including accommodations

For information, please contact Annie at 530.623.2714

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