Prayer Requests

Please use the “comment” form below to request additions to the prayer list and/or requests for prayers for the dead.  Chagdud Gonpa centers and sangha members will be check these requests regularly.

  • Please include your name.
  • Please indicate if there is a center with which you have a particular connection.
  • If requesting prayers for the dead, please include the date of death.

If you have any questions, or would like to make your request in person,  please contact your local center.

Comments on: "Prayer Requests" (12)

  1. Sample Request:

    Jane Jones, removal of obstacles (surgery 10 am Monday)
    submitted by John Jones, Ithica, NY

    Thank you!

  2. Laurel Hansen, Minjur Ling, Ashland OR said:

    Ann Bass, ongoing health issues
    Ben Bass, 3 year old having seizures, difficult diagnosis and treatment
    Surya James Hays, soldier headed to Afaghanistan in March, please leave on list while he remains on active duty

  3. Deana Darby said:

    Dick Warton Died 2/17/11

  4. suzanne incaid removal of obstacles serious cancer

  5. suzanne kincaid

  6. Dorthy Crust, died February 11

  7. Laurel Hansen, Minjur Ling, Ashland OR said:

    Linda Novak, recent cancer diagnosis. surgery 4/15/11
    Sangye Land, ongoing health issues, Bell’s Palsey diagnosis
    David Meltzer, recent diabetes diagnosis

  8. Heike kilian said:

    please p\ray for removal of obstacles with family affairs
    may my family live together in peace and harmony

  9. Tina Altstatt, Minneapolis Nyingma Group, Minnesota said:

    For obstacle list: Patti and Mulligan, Rosie and Mali and Lorenz family, Karen and Jan Schrevelius.

  10. Heike Kilian said:

    Please pray for Mick LaBriola:

    Mick’s son was killed in a car was several years ago, there is still a lot of grief.

    Mick’s son who died : Diego LaBriola

    Thank YOU!

  11. Dennis -Boulder, CO said:

    Please pray for,
    Louis Arnieri…died 11/24/11

  12. namgyal said:

    Please pray for mala, diligent dharma dog and compassionate canine friend, passed into the bardo, 3/1/2012

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