Directions to Rigzdin Ling

Directions to Chagdud Gonpa/Rigdzin Ling

101 and 341 Red Hill Road,

Junction City, California 96048

530 623-2714

BY CAR (We are five hours north of San Francisco by car and 8 hours south of Portland, Oregon). We are one hour west of Redding, California on highway 299.


Coming from south of ReddingTake interstate 5 (I-5) to Redding. Take the Hwy #44 west turnoff (Exit 678) going towards Weaverville/Eureka. (Do not be confused by the exit that says 299 west.) When you get intoRedding follow the signs for #299 west. Go about fifty miles on 299 until you come to Weaverville. Be mindful not to speed through Weaverville. Speeding tickets are easy to get and are expensive! Continue on another 8 miles toJunction City. As you come down from a long grade going from 3,000 feet to 1500 feet you will see a small sign saying “Junction City”. Go another half mile and turn left ontoDutch Creek Road, the first left after passing the “Junction City” sign. There is a National Park Service building on the West corner. Go straight about 1/8 mile and cross the bridge over theTrinity River and turn immediately right ontoRed Hill Road. Go 1/8 mile. The second left driveway onRed Hill Rd has a small white sign saying “Amoss Builders”. Turn left there and continue straight to Tara House, our main building and office. Welcome!

Coming from north of Redding (Oregon/ Washington) – In Yreka take the Hwy #3 turnoff to Weaverville (throughFortJones, Etna and Callahan) In Weaverville turn right onto Hwy 299 west. Go 8 miles toJunction City and then follow the above directions. However, during the winter Hwy #3 is often impassable and you must take I-5 toRedding. Take the 678B exit (Downtown Redding) and then proceed as above

Coming from Eureka/Arcata – From Interstate 101 north of Arcata take the Hwy #299 East turnoff (Weaverville/Redding) toJunction City. Pass throughJunction City and take the first right turn ontoDutch Creek Rd. Then follow the above directions.


The Greyhound Bus Line offers service between most major cities and Redding. The address of Greyhound in Redding is 1530 Yuba Street. Phone:  1-800 231-2222. There is a limited Amtrak bus schedule betweenSacramento &Redding.

Trinity Transit operates a bus service between Redding and Junction City. 530 623-5438.


Reddingis served by Horizon Air (assoc w/Alaska Airlines) and United Express (assoc w/United Airlines).


Amtrak provides service betweenRedding and most major cities, although normal arrivals and departures take place in the middle of the night. There is an Amtrak bus from some locations that arrives inRedding during the day, and is worth a check.

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